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A: Indoor lighting produces the best results! The blanket wasn’t designed for leaving under the sun. Even though the sun is super strong most UV rays get reflected or scattered before they hit the blanket.

A: Any indoor light will work splendidly. Just spread your blanket under the light for 30 minutes and enjoy the glow!

A: Yes. Your blanket should be charged daily for 30 minutes to get the glowing going. The material absorbs the light energy and then releases it as a glowing light at night. But, it will wear off by the morning.

A: Yes, you can charge it for a shorter amount of time. However, the longer it charges, the longer the glow will last. Just leave the light on in your child's bedroom or let them use a strong flashlight to charge up their glowing blanket.

A: The glow can last 4-6 hours, depending on the length of the charging session.

A: 100% polyester 360 GSM. The perfect weight to keep you cozy and comfortable.

A: Yes! The blanket is not only breathable, but it's also the perfect weight to keep you comfortable yet not too hot in warmer temperatures.

A: We suggest you place the glow in the dark blanket on top of your comforter or duvet to enjoy the fun glow and design. Can also be used to build blanket forts, sleepovers, or for snuggle time on the couch.

A: Yes! We recommend washing the blanket in cold or warm water. The blankets can be hung or dried in the dryer on low.

A: At 50x60 inches, the blanket is the perfect size for full coverage. The large size can be used to cover two children sitting side by side in the car or on the couch.

A: If you follow our recommended washing directions, your blanket will stay in excellent condition for a long time.

A: It’s just as soft and comfortable as the front of the blanket!

If for any reason you have an issue with your blanket please reach out to our customer service team within 30 days. We will either give you a full refund or a replacement blanket.

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